Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Necessity of Good Lighting

A couple of months ago I attended a 50th wedding anniversary party for some family friends. The hall was decorated beautifully for this golden anniversary party, however, the lighting was lacking. There were candles on the table and white Christmas lights around the hall, but the florescent lights were kept on throughout the celebration, until they showed a slide show, which they turned the lights off for, which I had been waiting for all evening!
I'm not talking about making it hard to see, but proper lighting can really add to your celebration, not to mention, your pictures. A good photographer is able to get beautiful shots in pretty much any situation, but good lighting can really help make or break a picture. Now I'm no professional photographer, but here are some pictures I took at the celebration. You'll see one is with florescent lighting, and one is when they turned the florescent lights off. There is an amazing difference. The whole room seems more romantic and captivating and the gold color stands out so much more.

Now mind you, these pictures with no florescent lights were just with lit with candles and Christmas lights, but you get the idea.

As wedding planner Katie Tiffany has said, "I think lighting is key in creating a beautiful wedding. It creates an atmosphere unlike any amount of flowers or type of music can. But it can be expensive too. To save in this area, utilize candles to the max! Of course, you’ll need to check the rules and regulations for open flames at your location."
So when planning your wedding, or next celebration, remember lighting plays a big role in creating that perfect setting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, unbelievable the difference the lighting makes in not only the pictures being taken, but the whole beauty of the event. It is certainly evident in your great examples.

Anonymous said...

Florescent lighting is the worst.


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