Monday, March 31, 2008

Contest winners!

I wanted to thank EVERYONE for leaving me such wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it! It was so hard for me to pick just one person, so I have a first and second place.

First place goes to Rebekah, and she said:
I love the inspiration boards because they're different from those that I see more often. Even when the boards aren't in my colors, you feature different ideas (vintage lace fans, old vases and glassware, etc.) that jog ideas I can use for my wedding. I also like the depth of color you feature in the inspiration boards by using different shades of the same color. It really enlivens the look.
Rebekah, please email me ( with your address, and let me know if you want a gift card to Starbucks or 10 personalized note cards!

Second place goes to Julie, and she said:
The invitations are fun and unique, but what I really can't get enough of is the color palettes--they're so complex and exciting that I'm hooked. Thanks to you, I keep wanting to change my wedding colors!
Julie, please email me with your address, and you will receive 10 personalized note cards!

To everyone else who left me a comment, since I only got 8 comments and I really appreciate all the feedback, please email me ( with a mailing address, as you all get a little surprise gift. Thank you so much everyone!!

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