Friday, March 28, 2008

"Something Blue" ideas

To end our Something Old, Something New week, we have Something Blue. I have tried to stay away from the idea of the "something blue" garter because think that's done a little to much. I went onto, and searched for something blue under their wedding category. Two of the three things listed below are from etsy! If you have not already, go search under etsy's wedding section. They have some really great finds. So here are the ideas I had to incorporate "something blue" into your wedding day:

1. Sew your initials in blue on the inside of your dress. You can also include you wedding date and your husband-to-be's name. I love this idea because it is hidden (sort of like the garter) but it adds meaning to your dress, especially if you are keeping your dress as a family heirloom.
2. A blue locket. This is perfect, especially if you are using the idea from "something old", and incorporating a picture in a locket on your bouquet. This locket is also from etsy.
3. A stunning blue necklace. I love the necklace in the picture shown. I think it would look lovely with a simple wedding gown. This is one of my etsy finds, and the seller I found it on has many other beautiful pieces of jewelry. Check it out!

I hope everyone found my Something Old, Something New posts helpful for planning your own wedding. Good luck in incorporating the traditions into your celebration!

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