Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something New.....ideas (or actually idea)

Including "something new" into your wedding celebration shouldn't be too hard. After all, it is something NEW. =) Now if you really want to stick with the tradition, the something new would need to "look to the future", as the tradition states. I honestly could only think of one idea for this one. Maybe its because I am still getting over the awful flu bug and my brain isn't functioning properly! None the less, here is my one idea. =)

1. Attach the key to your new home to your bouquet. It actually doesn't even have the be the actual key. It could be a neat old key and you could pretend its the key to your new house! You could also pin the key somewhere on the inside of your dress.

Have an idea on how to incorporate something new? Just leave me a comment! Stay tuned for "Something Borrowed" tomorrow, in which I will have more ideas than one!

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header credits: Etsy, Aaron Delesie, Flickr, Tapestry Flowers
Key from flickr

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea!!


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