Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take a trip to Wifeville

Wifeville, was created by JennyG (mayor of Wifeville) when she was married. She relates, "I remember the excitement of getting married. I shouted "Im a Wife!" and that's how Wifeware was born." Wifeware, Wifeville's exclusive clothing line caters to those on their way to tie the knot, or those who are already hitched. Their clothing line consists of tee-shirts, hoodies, lounge pants, hats, bathing suites and a variety of other fun accessories. I was introduces to Wifeville through Tying the Knot, Jessica's inspiring wedding blog and I am so glad that I was. I will definitely be shopping at Wifeville very soon! I am loving "The Wife is Right" shirt (pictured below). So wander on over to Wifeville's lovely website and shop away!

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