Thursday, April 3, 2008

Milkglass Vases on Etsy

I have been seeing a lot of posts on milkglass vases, so I did a little search to see just how inexpensive these little lovelies were. I found several beautiful vases on etsy. Seller Uncommon Eye has many different varieties, all at fairly inexpensive prices. These would make pretty centerpieces at a wedding or in your home. I love the vintage look they have.

Board clockwise from top left: All from Uncommon Eye, Chrysanthemums Vase $16.00, Milkglass Bud Vases $14.00, Vintage Bud Vase $10.00, Vintage Hazel Atlas Glass $9.00.

Another seller with some wonderful milkglass vases is ChicBcuz. They have a set of four art deco style vases that is so awesome. Another great resource for milkglass vases is ebay, although you do have to bid on most of them and I'm not really one who likes bidding wars, therefore I stick with etsy. =) Antique shops are another great place to find great vases. If you have antique shops locally go and take a look. This is also a great way to support local business. Anyone have a good resource for inexpensive milkglass vases, or any glassware for that matter? Leave me a comment and let me know what ideas you have! Stay tuned for a color palette tomorrow!!

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jen said...

i know this post is a bit old, but i was just scrolling through and found it. i'm using milk glass containers and vintage aluminum tumblers for my centepieces. i'm putting mexican paper flowers in them. it should be fun and different. i've been finding my milk glass at thrift shops, i just case my favorite ones every couple weeks. i try not to pay more than 5dollars for a piece and i avoid shipping by buying it local.


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