Monday, April 21, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth Messina

I am so incredibly excited to be featuring Elizabeth Messina today!! I'm so smitten with her work. Every picture she takes captures so much emotion and you can really get a feel for what went on at each event. Elizabeth has been kind enough to answer some questions for us about herself and her work. After which, you get to enjoy some incredibly stunning pictures by Elizabeth. It was so hard for me to pick what ones to feature out of all the ones she sent me! Please visit Elizabeth's website for more glorious pictures and inspiration. I now give you Elizabeth!

Zeandia: How did you get started in photography?
Elizabeth: My first camera was an old was a gift from my mother when I was barely 12 years old....I loved it....I took photos all the time...although I didn't know anything about becoming a photographer....some years later I studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where I really became passionate about pursing photography....

Z: How are you able to capture such emotion filled and artistic pictures?
E: For me, photography is a language....a way of communicating and connecting with the transcends time & can access emotion in such a unique & powerful way.....when I am shooting, I try to be aware of the subtleties of light and simply feel the images as I make them....its the same whether I am photographing people or small details....moments are constantly unfolding....I try to capture what moves me.....

Z: Is there a favorite moment in the wedding ceremony or reception for you to photograph?
E: There is so much beauty at a much love and joy....I could never pick a single moment....there are so many moments throughout a day....and it differs from wedding to wedding....that is a wonderful aspect of weddings....they are always a unique reflection of the couple....its such a blessing to capture the memories of each couple's day...hopefully my images help preserve those memories so they can be shared with generations to come....

Z: When you are not photographing, what might we find you doing?
E: Most of my time is spent with the loves of my three beautiful children & my husband....I love to cook.....and sit in the backyard on hot afternoons while my little ones run through the sprinklers....

Thank you so much Elizabeth! We can really tell how passionate you are about your work and it really shows in all of your beautiful pictures.
Alright now lets take a look at some of Elizabeth's stunning work!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Can't you just feel the emotion and whats going on in that bride's mind? There she is, all ready to get married, climbing down the stairs on her way to her future husband.

How beautiful is this picture? I love the lighting.

I love these shoes! I think I want a pair. =)

How sweet is this shot. They look like they are having so much fun!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing your beautiful work with us, and for letting us get to know you a little bit better. We can't wait to see what new and exciting moments you capture!


Anonymous said...

What stunningly beautiful photographs!!! Truly a gifted photographer! Thanks for the great information, this feature was truly a joy to read.

Linda said...

Such beautiful photos! I would love to see the front of the girls with the red dresses...they are beautiful!

Carol said...

Really stunning photography !!


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