Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Wedding invitations are definitely something you need when planning for a wedding. But what can you do for more budget friendly invitations? At Zenadia Design, we are concerned about brides on a budget, and like to help them as much as we can. That's why our couture invitation sets start at $3.00. A set includes your invitation, rsvp card and envelopes. This is pretty comparable to something you can find online only its made one of a kind for you!

When thinking about your invitations, keep in mind these budget saving tips:

Wedding website. This is one of my favorite ways to be budget, as well as eco-friendly! You can have the bulk of the information you need to convey to guests on the website, and this cuts down on what you need to include with the invitation. You can also have your guests rsvp directly to the website. This cuts down not only on the costs of paper and printing, but on postage as well.

Forgo the reception card. If you are having your reception at different location than your ceremony, this is when you would generally include a reception card. Have you ever thought about forgoing this all together? This way you don't need to spend that extra money for a card with information that can go right on your invitation.

Postcard rsvp. As I said before, wedding websites are a great place to have your guests rsvp to. However, if you want to have an rsvp card, consider making it a postcard. This way you don't need the reply envelope, and it saves a little on postage too.

Consider what you really need. You need invitations. Ralph Mucci of The Wedding Planning Audiocast has said this about wedding invitations, "Wedding invitations are very important. They are your presentation to your family, friends and guests that tell a story about the both of you and your special day." I completely agree with Ralph. Your invitations not only tell a story about you as a couple, they also give your guests their first glimpse of what is in store. So when considering what you really need for your wedding, remember that invitations play a very crucial role to your special day.

I hope these tips help all you brides out there to have great wedding invitations on a budget!

Picture Credits: All pictures and invitations by Zenadia Design.


aletha @ pearls events said...

$3 per set is an AWESOME price for custom invites! I must pass this onto my readers. :)

Big Shot said...

I tag you!!

aletha @ pearls events said...

Crap--I tagged you too!

Anonymous said...

What GREAT invitations in your pictures! And what an awesome price to start....$3.00. You can't beat that anywhere I've seen for custom invites. Thanks for the info. Very helpful.


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