Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wedding Planning Audiocast

I am so excited to announce this that I had to interrupt green week for it! The Wedding Planning Audiocast has just interviewed Zenadia Design for feature on their podcast! I feel so honored to be interviewed among the top people in the wedding industry such as Lisa Hoffman, of Ceci New York, Michelle Rago, Sylvia Weinstock, Marcy Blum and so many many more! I will let you all know when my show airs but until then, go and have a listen to the other wonderful and inspiring interviews on The Wedding Planning Audiocast, or directly through iTunes.
And in keeping with our green week, Ralph Mucci has interviewed Emily Anderson, author of Eco-Chic Weddings. You can go and have a listen right here!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Great planning audiocast! Thanks for the links, listened to Emily and she has many ideas for eco chic. Looking forward to your audiocast.


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