Monday, June 9, 2008

Bridesmaid Beauty

With cookie-cutter weddings a thing of the past, personalization for weddings is what its all about. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, this is one aspect that still remains a little bit "cookie-cutter" in the wedding celebration. We are pretty much all familiar with the downfalls of the bridesmaid dress. Its worn once and then to the back of the closet it goes.
When my newest Victoria's Secret catalog came in the mail, I looked through it and decided, "Hey, some of these dresses would be pretty cute for bridesmaids!" Not only are they less expensive then the average bridesmaid dress, they are super cute and would most likely be worn more than once! The only downfall would be there isn't a vast array of colors for some of the designs. But none the less, I'm sure you could find something you love.

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Dress #1
Dress #2
Dress #3
Dress #4
Dress #5
Dress #6
Dress #7

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Anonymous said...

You are right. Cute ideas for bridesmaids dresses.


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