Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Makeup: Whats too much? part II

Welcome back for part II of "how much makeup it too much?".
I had the privilege to speak with Elizabeth Messina on this subject, and here is the information I got from her.

In speaking with Elizabeth she said you should really think about having a professional do your makeup on your wedding day. Not only will they be able to help you find the right amount of makeup to wear, its very relaxing to have your makeup professionally done, and something special you should consider for your special day.
Elizabeth went on to say that all brides are beautiful, no matter how much makeup they have on. She says she has photographed brides with minimal makeup and brides with heavy makeup and they are all beautiful.
However, when deciding on your makeup be sure that your makeup reflects your style and ALSO the style and decor of the wedding itself. For instance, you wouldn't wear dark heavy makeup for a casual light beach affair. When working with a professional, they will understand this.
The bottom line is that you as a bride should feel comfortable.

Here are some beauty shots from Elizabeth.


Big Shot said...

Hair and makeup is SOO important. I just recently got my pictures back, and although the photographer did an amazing job, I look unflattering in about 80% of them, all the ones where I look head on into the camera. My hair looks bleached out, completely flat (not wedding day hair AT ALL) and my makeup minimized all my good features, and played up my negative ones. Everything was beautiful at my wedding...except for me.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet what people remember about big shot's wedding was how beautiful the day was including her. Sometimes pictures don't really convey the beauty that is present when you are there in person.

ZenadiaDesign said...

I completely agree. I hate to say but pictures really don't do anything justice. Even the beautiful ones. Its not like being there in person. =)


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