Friday, June 20, 2008

A Timeline for Your Hair

Via, here is a handy timeline checklist for your wedding day hair!

6 months
-Research hairstyles: Consider your personal style, your wedding dress and where your reception will take place.
-Interview stylists: Ask to see their portfolios, and discuss ideas for your style.
Determine a schedule with your new stylist for your pre-wedding cut, color and other treatments.
-For hair that’s shiny and healthy, start getting conditioning treatments six months before your wedding day.

3 months
-Choose your veil or headpiece.
-Bring all hair accessories with you to your next appointment.

1 month
-Get your hair trimmed. If you perm, straighten or color your hair, get these treatments done as well.
-Do a trial run of your big-day do. Bring a trustworthy friend to get her honest opinion. Don't be afraid to reject a style. Your stylist should be willing to experiment until you're satisfied.
-Ask your stylist to show you how to remove your headpiece without ruining your do; practice before you leave the salon.
-If you highlight your hair, now’s the time for a final touchup. Color looks better after the first couple of weeks—and if you don't like it, there’s enough time to get it fixed.
-Assemble a "hair repair" kit for the big day, stocked with extra pins and any styling products for last-minute touch-ups. Ask a bridesmaid to make sure it’s with you when you dress.

Your wedding day
-Wear a loose shirt that zips or buttons in the front so that you won't ruin your do when you change into your wedding dress.

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