Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Organic Elements

Based in San Diego, California, Organic Elements is a unique floral design company that not only strives make your event their best one yet, they also work with hand picked organic elements to bring your vision to life. By limiting water use, recycling, The Ten Tree Exchange and composting, Organic Elements is working to help our earth while still creating beatiful floral arrangments from what mother nature has to offer.
Sharon, head designer at Organic Elements, has been kind enough to offer us some of her tips on choosing a floral designer and working within a budget, as well as some fun information about Organic Elements.

Zenadia Design: Tell us a little bit about Organic Elements, and how you are working to help our environment.
Sharon: Well, we try to limit our negative impact in several different ways. Regardless of client request, we recycle paper, plastic and water; compost; conserve paper, electricity and water; collect rain water (on the rare occasion that it does rain here); and replant/grow succulents. Upon client request we can also acquire recycled materials containers, Verifloral and organic flowers to work with. Additionally we offer two distinct items in our "green line". We offer our Organic Elements Succulent Bowl, as a centerpiece or as a bridal bouquet, allowing the bride to plant her bouquet after the wedding and have a plant growing along side the marriage. We also have a reforestation program called The Ten Tree Exchange, this allows couples to choose to have trees planted in their name helping the world and indigenous areas of South America.

Z: What are your favorite flowers and colors to work with?
S: I'm a sucker for color. My favorite color combo is still bright green, orange and hot pink- it's a winner every time. Favorite flowers? I like succulents, cymbidium orchids, dahlias, local lilac (when in season), pin cushion proteas, hydrangea, freesia, hyacinth... there are too many to list.

Z: You include such fun and unexpected elements into your designs. Where do you find inspiration your inspiration?
S: Thanks! Fashion, nature and European floral magazines.

Z: How are you able to work with brides on a budget who still want something unique and beautiful?
S: We try to keep it simple, trying not to add a bunch of elements that you think you're supposed to have due to tradition. Pick out the elements that you want to spend your money on and put them there. And when a unique idea comes into play, concept will win out over product allowing you to create a fun look without spending too much.

Z: What should brides look for when choosing a floral designer?
S: Don't try to make a comedic actress perform a drama. Find a florist who's style already matches your own. Look for a large body of work of which at least some is consistent with what you're looking; both to make sure that you two are a match but also to see that they do indeed have significant experience in their field. It's possible that you can make a company be who their not, but why add on that kind of stress? Believe me, you'll have enough either way.

Thanks so much, Sharon! Your work is truly inspiring. Now lets take a look at some of that inspiring work! Be sure to check out Organic Elements website for more wonderful pictures.

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