Thursday, June 12, 2008

What to wear?

Today I have a reader question and I'd like everybodys input! The question is as follows:

We are going to a wedding in a park. What should the male guests wear? The park is not formal, and the weather will probably be in the 80s. I'd love some ideas.

So what do you guys think?

Here is what I think:
These days, people seem to wear everything from jeans and t-shirts to traditional suites and ties to weddings. Since you say that the park isn’t formal I think I would pick one of the following outfits.

- A long sleeve shirt and tie with khaki or light color pants. The long sleeve shirt and tie will dress it up a bit, but the light color pants will make it a little more casual.

Pictures from The Bride's Cafe and Nautica

- A short sleeve shirt and khaki or light color pants, and forgo the tie. Since you said it will be hot, a short sleeve shirt might be a little bit cooler. This is the more casual of the two, but you can always add a tie to the short sleeve shirt if you want to dress things up a little.

Pictures from Nautica and Flickr. Can you guess which movie the shirt and tie is from? ;o)

- A suite sans the tie. Although if it will be hot, a jacket may be a little to warm. You could always take the jacket off and it would give you the long sleeve shirt look as mentioned above.

Pictures from Aaron Delesie and Nautica


Anonymous said...

Thanks.....very helpful. I had thought of some of those ideas but seeing the pictures and getting your feedback helped. Will let you know what attire actually appeared on the guests.

Anonymous said...

I would certainly go with short sleeves. There is no sense being hot, miserable and sweaty.


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