Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Wedding Day Nails

Welcome to beauty week with Zenadia Design! We thought we would kick off this fun filled week with nails!

In all the aspects of wedding day beauty, sometimes nails seem to be overlooked. While doing your nails on your own is an option, having them done professionally is so much more relaxing! Plus, you can plan a spa day with your bridesmaids and have a nice relaxing time together.
Here are some tips to get your nails "wedding ready":

- Start getting weekly manicures a few months before your wedding. If this isn't in the budget you can always do these yourself. See these tips from the knot on how to give yourself a manicure.
- Along the same lines, find a manicurist you like and stick with her!
- Test out your nails with your dress before the wedding day. If you have a certain shade of nail polish in mind, make sure it won't clash with the dress.
- Last but not least, don't forget about your toes! Even if your feet won't show during the celebration, you'll want to have pretty feet for your honeymoon!

For more great tips on wedding day nail prep, read these 10 steps via the knot. Stay tuned for a post on different nail designs later today!

Image via Creative Ten

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your beauty week hints. Loved the nails....lots of pretty ways to do them. Thanks for ideas re: wedding in a park. About 1/3 of the male guests had coat and tie, the rest casual just like the pics you showed. My husband fit right in with the no tie so he did not get too hot.


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