Wednesday, July 9, 2008

E-sessions: What to wear

I am SO excited about today's feature!! The incredibly talented April Greer has been kind enough to offer us her tips on choosing an outfit for your engagement picture sessions. Not only is April an amazing talent, she is also an incredibly sweet person who I know would just be an absolute ball to work with.
April has some WONDERFUL advice, and some tips I had never even thought of! She has made me want to go do an e-session all over again, even though I'm already married. After her tips, be sure and check out the stunning e-session pics. I got so excited when I was looking at them and they aren't even pictures of me!
So without further introduction, I give you April Greer!

When my clients look in their closets searching for the divine outfit, what I hear most often, is that they don't have ANYTHING. I recommend doing exactly what fashion models and fashion photographers do, which is to purchase great clothing, accessories, and keep the tags in tact. Simply turn them back in when the shoot is over! Often times my clients will risk a few hundred dollars in outfits if they can't bear the thought of have passe photos. My clients have done this for years and its something I learned having worked under fashion & commercial photographers. Nothing more than an open balance on your credit card is needed, be sure to ask about return policy BEFORE you buy. Lastly, clients run the risk of possibly damaging the clothing and also possibly not being able to part with their new found threads. If you wear it and love it, you might want to keep it!

I recommend at least 2-3 different outfits and my shoots run 60-90 minutes. My brides understand that they will be covered from their neck to toe on the wedding day. The engagement session is their chance to show off a girly figure and explore having fun with skirts, fishnets, heels and the like. Go the extra mile and try to line up your test hair/makeup on the same day. It requires more coordination on the clients' part, but the results are bombshell.

Before we begin the e-session I try to meet with my couples at a cafe and disarm any 'camera anxiety.' Often times we'll begin shooting during or post-cocktails! Pick a great cafe that meshes with the vibe of your clients. I steer clear of parks and cliche engagement places. Photographers should encourage clients to shoot in an environment fitting to their personalities. Good vibes and comfort with one's surroundings lends itself to a smooth photo shoot.

Colors, matching, jeans vs. suits, its all relative. Why not wear something personal, each couple has a style believe it or not! From flip flops, to diamond necklaces, everyone has their own flavor. Find your unique style and own it. Bright colors, bling, strappy heels, it makes sense to dress things up, but also bring the more casual attire just in case. If you feel comfortable, you'll also look the part.

Thank you so much, April! Now lets take a look at these incredibly FUN engagement pictures!

I LOVE LOVE this picture!! Total old Hollywood glamour.

All these shots are just amazing. Doesn't it make you want to go do an e-session with April right now?!
Please make sure you visit April's website for more stunning pictures of e-sessions, weddings and more!
Thanks again April, for your wonderful tips and amazing pictures!

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