Monday, July 21, 2008

Makeup Outside of the Box

When I saw the Bold Embellishments feature in the Fall 2008 issue of The Bride and Bloom, not only was I in awe of the flowers (some are by one of my favorite floral designers Asiel Design) but the makeup was so incredibly intriguing; art in and of itself.
I immediately looked to see who the makeup artist behind these extraordinary looks were, and saw the name Elizabeth Ulloa, a name unfamiliar to me until now.
Elizabeth is a true cutting edge makeup artist. Her looks are bold, stylish and truly amazing. Below is some of her work, however I urge you to not only check out her website, but go out and buy the Fall 2008 Bride and Bloom, or at least look at the Bold Embellishments feature on page 80. Besides stunning floral, the makeup is simply stunning.

I love how Elizabeth signs each little work of art she does, such as the one above and the beautiful color design below as well.

All pictures via Elizabeth Ulloa.

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