Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farmer's Market Flowers

Your local Farmer's Market is a great place to shop for flowers. Whether for your home, or a special occasion like your wedding, nothing beats the freshness and price of farmer's market. Most farmers are more than happy to comply with large order requests, as long as they have enough notice in advance. Some even give discounts for large orders which is always nice.
I shop my local Farmer's Market every week and always come home with a basket of our weeks produce and every once in a while, a flower arrangement.
Check your local newspapers or online listing for a farmers market near you.

Lovely mixed organic arrangements.

Beautiful yellow sunflowers, fresh picked this morning.

Perfect roses. $12.00 a dozen, however large orders (10 dozen or more) are $10.00 a dozen.

My findings for the week at Farmer's Market. The bouquet is from the organic flower vendor as seen above. Using a basket to shop saves plastic bags, which in turn, help out the environment.
All photos by myself.

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Anonymous said...

Farmers Markets are wonderful, you are right. Makes sense to stay local when you can.


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