Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Color Combination Question

In an effort to serve my readers better I would like to know, what sorts of color combinations are you interested in seeing for color palettes? Let me know by leaving me a comment. More fantastic color palettes to come in the near future! For now, here is one of my favorites from the past. Our Hollywood Glamour theme board. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!


*Michelle said...

Love the bouquet from that board!

To be different from others, I'd say maybe do some that are ones where the "colors" are actually two shades of the same color. (For instance, my wedding colors are aqua and ocean blues). Not to go the "Blush and Bashful" style of Steel Magnolias, but you get the idea. No one else is really doing them.
Here was my first shot at my inspiration board.
and my blues for reference: http://barefootstargazer.blogspot.com/2008/07/dressin-girls-pt-3-finally.html

I think that others are trying the same thing with their weddings: 1 hue - 2 shades, so I thought it could be interesting. Wow - long comment - sorry!

Jessica said...

I'm getting married next October in an urban loft in L.A., and we're going with a plum/pewter/white color palette to compliment the contemporary vibe of the venue. Our style is an eclectic mix of mid-century modernism and a warm, cozy Moroccan whimsy. It seems that not a lot of people incorporate purple in their weddings, so I'd love to see an inspiration board with lots of plum and eggplant shades. Hope that gives you some good ideas :)

Gena said...

Heidi! Love your blog!!!

jen said...

color, color, color. turquoise and red.

Julie said...

Light Pink and Red.
Turquoise and pink.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, too!! Like the idea of different shades of the same color. Also like the way you do pops of red with different combos of colors.

Kristina said...

I'd love to see a fall color scheme with chocolate brown and cranberry red as the main colors. Preferably before November 8 of this year since that's my wedding date. :-D

An Atlanta Bride said...

Gorgeous board. Loving it. Our colors are soft gold and ivory, with subtle hints of slate blue. I don't come across many images that tie in these colors. Our wedding will have somewhat of a vintage feel, with all things elegant and romantic! I would love to see a scheme that incorporates all these elements!

Michelle said...

I love your blog!!! This might be really different, but I'm thinking of burgundy (cranberry) and peach/coral. I'm also thinking about burgundy and gray. Go!!!


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