Monday, November 10, 2008

Showstopping Floral

I love things that are a bit over the top and completely different from anything I've ever seen. Enter Krislyn Design, as seen on Coco+Kelley's fabulous blog.

Based in Los Angeles, Krislyn Design is totally cutting edge, and creates such amazing floral. Take for instance the Japanese bonsai design, but with flowers and feathers! Yes that's right, feathers. I am completely smitten.

These would be so perfect at a chic and modern wedding. I had an incredibly difficult time picking out which images to share with you so PLEASE visit their website to be completely inspired! Krislyn also has a studio and shop located in LA, so if you live in that area, definitely go check them out!

All images via Krislyn Design.


aletha :: pearls events said...

absolutely gorgeous stuff--thanks for sharing!

Sophie Lane said...

Heidi! I love reading your blog, such amazing things to see every day!

Inspired Events by Nycia said...

What beautiful arrangements!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!!!


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