Monday, December 1, 2008

Color Palette: Cranberry and Peach

This color palette is for one of our readers, Michelle. I love this color combo because it is so unexpected! When I was putting this board together, I was having a hard time making sure the red didn't overpower the peach. When planning your wedding with these colors, you would want to be cautious of the same. Since red is such a powerful color and peach is so soft, you would want to be sure you had a nice balance of both. If pulled off right, these colors can compliment each other perfectly!

Picture Credits:
top row: Rebecca Thuss, The Bride's Cafe, Martha Stewart
middle row: Rebecca Thuss, Modern Day Design,
bottom row: Lazaro, Modern Day Design,


Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job with colors that could be difficult. These colors at a wedding would be gorgeous!!

Vain and Vapid said...

That is a really interesting color combination and it works beautifully here....

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for doing this inspiration board. I was trying to figure out if the darkness of the cranberry would be too overpowering for a color like peach, but you've shown me that it's possible. I know know that I can definitely do this combo. Thank you again!!!!

ZenadiaDesign said...

You are so welcome, Michelle. Glad I could help!


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