Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floral Trends by Kristin of The Treasured Petal

I am so excited to have Kristin from The Treasured Petal with us today to share some of her absolutely STUNNING work, as well as floral trends she is noticing for the coming year. Sit back and get ready to enjoy some pure eye candy and inspiration!

photo by Jasmine Star

It's a good thing wedding trends don't change as quickly as fashion trends, or my brides would be changing their colors/flowers/themes every other month! Although every bride is different, and it's best to forego trends/fads and just go with what you LOVE, there are some emerging trends that are worth noting:

-Steel gray or navy blue as a canvas color (instead of black or chocolate brown)

photo by Viera Photographics

-I'm seeing more brides choose a shade of blue (either powder or navy) mixed with pink (blush or fuchsia) as their wedding colors. I LOVE this combo, as you can see from my website :)

photo by Skye Blu Photography

-Whimsical whimsical whimsical! Sweet do it yourself handmade touches. Casual and cozy garden party atmosphere.

photo by One Love Photography

- Lots of mismatching vases- I have a bride who wants each and every arrangement to look unique. Some will be in antique silver urns, some in glass bowls, some in white ceramics, etc. The look is collected, like each item was carefully picked from an antique store.

photos by Jerry Yoon Photography

- The return of greenery- when used tastefully, it adds a little wildness, movement and texture. I can remember just a few years ago when most brides didn't want a speck of greenery showing. The look now is more natural, as if just picked from a garden.

photo by In The Now

- Picking a theme or motif and running with it! I did a fabulous book themed wedding, a square themed wedding, and have an awesome Great Gatsby inspired wedding in '09!

photo by Michael Norwood

- An openness to different flowers- Brides are reconsidering the often looked-down-upon flowers such as daisies, mums, babies breath, and carnations. I couldn't be more thrilled about this since I don't like to discriminate when it comes to flowers. They all have their place, and when used artistically can be drop dead gorgeous!

photo by Christine Marie Photography

photos by Trista Lerit

Thank you so much, Kristin! Such fun to hear about the trends you are noticing and thank you for sharing such amazing images of your work with us!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Loved the steel gray or navy as background.

kristin said...

Thank you so much for featuring TTP! It is such an honor to be on your fabulous blog :)


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