Monday, April 6, 2009

Photographic Genius

While perusing the internet for images from our floral centerpiece post last week, I cam across the amazing, James Johnson Photography. On his homepage I saw this image....

and knew I had a pursue his website further. I'm so glad I did! Each of James' images are absolute perfection. His use of light is superb and the composition makes each picture a true work of art. Here are some of my favorites from his website.

I love the picture on the left! There's just something about it. It looks like the couple was at an old Hollywood party and stepped out for a minute into the night air.

This picture reminds me of old Hollywood as well. A lot of James' work has an incredible vintage look to it and I love that!

How amazing is this picture? The light, the couple; perfection!

Another one of James' specialtys is using a special polaroid camera to capture an image, then while the image is developing he scratches into the surface of the picture with a fork, or something sharp, giving the pictures the appearance of a small painting. I love this and its such an original idea!

If you have a free minute, take a look at James' website and be ready for some major eye candy!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! Fabulous!!!!

Jessica Latimer said...

I am drooling over the first picture. I love sepia!


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