Monday, May 4, 2009

Planning A... Wedding Inspired by the Domino Book, part II

Welcome back to part II of this "planning a" post. Please check out part I, if you missed it. We are featuring a wedding celebration we designed for a contest (and won! =)) based on the Domino book cover. Up next are the florals and ceremony and reception. We'll finish it off on Wednesday with the color palette we designed for the event.

Images for these boards are by Aaron Delesie, Katie Moos, Megan Sorel for Lisa Vorce and Elizabeth Messina for Rebecca Stone. Please zoom in on each board to see image credits.

The Florals:
I wanted to incorporate the "branches" that are all over the domino book cover, and found thoughts these arrangements were perfect! (zoom in to see notes and image credits)

The Ceremony:
I wanted to keep with the organic feel, as well as incorporate some branches at the end of the aisle, maybe with some flowers and birds attached.

The Reception:
I envisioned a tent frame, strung with small lights or lanterns for the evening. Table arrangements in wooden boxed among branches.

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