Monday, August 31, 2009

Color Palette: Navy, Yellow, Hot Pink and White

This color palette is for one of our readers, Emily. I think her colors are so much fun and I hope this color palette can help her create the perfect look for her big day.

Image Credits:
top row: Victoria's Secret,, Snippet and Ink, middle row:, Martha Stewart via Snippet and Ink, the knot bottom row:,, Jessamyn Harris


Emily said...

Heidi! I Love it :) Thank you so much, the colors are beautiful and I am going to use them for sure!!! I appreciate you putting this together for me. I am going to post your link on my blog as a way to introduce the color scheme of my wedding and I will link it to yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Filipa said...

Absotluetly gorgeous! Yellow is my wedding colour, although I'm gonna have it in a pastel colour togetehr with a bit of purple and loadsa other pastel colours. i know it sounds crazy, but in my head it makes perfect sense!


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