Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspiration Abounds in Enchanted Forests

I thought it might be fun to share a little behind the scenes inspiration for some of our invitations. First up is one of our newer additions to our etsy shop, Enchanted.

Image Credits:
First board: Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Rodney Smith, Tim Walker, Braedon Photography, Tim Walker, Rodney Smith Second Board: Rodney Smith, Elizabeth Messina, Mango Red, Rodney Smith, Elizabeth Messina

Invitation by Zenadia Design.


Karina said...

LOVE THESE! Have you read the Shopaholic books? In the one where she gets married her wedding is enchanted forest themed and it's completely over the top (unlike your invitations)--it's funny! Random thought. I love everything!!!!

Nycia @ Inspired Events said...



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