Friday, December 28, 2007

Invitation of the year

As 2007 comes to a close I sit back and look at the work I've done over the past year. I can never pick a favorite invitation or stationery design, but if I had to pick from this year's designs, I would pick this invitation:
It was designed for a surprise party I threw my husband for his birthday this summer. I picked this invitation as my favorite NOT because I designed it for my husband, but because of the story behind it. These invitations were designed to give the receiver a feeling of being a "secret agent". The first piece to send out was the top secret envelope (pictured bottom right). I wanted all of my husband's friends to be able to attend the party, so I sent out a "top secret assignment" to everyone, asking them to pick which date best fit their schedule. Next to go in the mail was the actual invitation, complete with "Agent (recipients last name)", to really give the invitations that personal secret agent feeling. The invitation was in the form of a spiral bound book with all the details, map, and parking directions. Now here is the story behind the invitation:
One of our friends that received an invitation actually works at a top secret job. My husband was over at his house one afternoon and saw the invitation! He picked it up, saw "Agent Brandt" on the cover and thought, 'Oh this is for his job, that's cool he gets called Agent Brandt', and put the invitation down without a second thought! Apparently my design was convincing!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

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