Thursday, January 31, 2008

A new tradition in flowers

Some of the more traditional aspects of weddings seem to be making room for new traditions. For instance, instead of having one wedding dress for the entire celebration, some brides are opting for two dresses. In an effort to capture more photographs, seeing your spouse before the ceremony begins is also a popular non-traditional choice. I would like to add my two cents into the "new traditions" with an idea I used at my own wedding for the bouquet toss. Instead of tossing one bouquet, have your floral designer make 5 small bouquets that look like one bouquet. That way 5 different people will catch a bouquet. To take things up a notch, invite ALL the women at your celebration to catch the bouquet; old and young, single and married. They will all have a ball, especially if they haven't participated in a bouquet toss in years!

Picture credits: Floral design by Modern Day Design, picture by bb photography


One Love Photo said...

I love both suggestions! Why not spread the flower LOVE on your wedding day!

jenny said...

I like the idea of 5 smaller bouquets! I was actually talking to my FH last week about how I didnt really want to do the bouquet toss because there is only going to be a handful of single women and I dont really want to single them out. Plus none of them would be too excited about it. Then I started thinking about having all the women in for the bouquet toss and all the men for the garter toss. I I couldnt decided if that idea was silly or not, but you have just talked me into it! Thanks. :)


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