Friday, March 14, 2008

Going Green with Style: Flowers

Flowers already lend a natural feel to your wedding, so having eco-friendly flowers seems like a pretty easy decision. When shopping for eco-friendly flowers, look for organically grown, pesticide free blossoms. This not only helps the environment, but will also show off the flowers natural beauty, as opposed to a bloom covered with pesticides. A great resource for organic flowers is Organic Bouquet. They have a great selection of roses, as well as many other popular blooms.
Another way to have eco-friendly flowers is to incorporate things other than blossoms into your arrangements. For example, incorporating fruit into arrangements is very popular and makes for an interesting focal point, plus it can be eaten after the event! Just make sure the fruit is organic! For more fun ideas with fruit and flowers see the post we did on the subject here. Another great idea for eco friendly arrangements is to incorporate herbs into the bouquets. This lends an earthy feel and looks so stunning. See the post we did here on herbs and flowers.

For eco friendly centerpieces, opt for potted plants. This not only helps the environment, but your guests can take them home after the event! At a wedding I attended a couple of years ago, the bride and groom potted small lavender plants and wrapped them in white tissue like paper tied with ribbon. About 5-6 plants were grouped at each table and at the end of the night the guests we able to take them home. I loved the look it gave and it was totally eco-friendly!
One other fun idea that I saw on Ritzy Bee and absolutely love is the Tree in a Box favor. What a fun idea for a favor! Something that guests can definitely use and eco-friendly to boot!
I hope this post has given you some helpful ways to go green with your flowers. Stay tuned for our next Going Green with Style post!

Picture Credits:
Both pictures by Elizabeth Messina, from Oh How Charming.

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Anonymous said...

What great eco-friendly ideas for centerpieces and bouquets. Love the herbs and the look they give when combined with flowers!! Also love the tips re: going organic. That is a terrific way to go as much as possible. Keep up the great blogging ideas.


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