Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What about the groom??

Groom; a key element for any wedding. So why is it that you don't see many articles or blogging posts about grooms? Could it be that the majority of grooms aren't to interested in the little details of the wedding planning? After all, it IS mostly the bride who makes the big decisions as far as decor and wedding details are concerned. But we seem to forget sometimes that the groom is supposed to look just as spiffy as the bride on his wedding day, and he shouldn't blend in with his groomsmen just like the bride always stands out from her bridesmaids. These days grooms are wearing everything from the classic tux to khaki pants and flip flops. With so many styles out there, it should be easy to pick one that goes with the groom's style and the style of your wedding day. Here is a board I've put together of different styles for grooms.

The Knot also has some good articles for groom's on style, and advice from real grooms! I also love this article on attire for every time, place, and formality. Good luck to you and your groom in finding the right attire!

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