Friday, May 2, 2008

Color Palette: Seafoam, White and Light Brown

Last week we posted a color palette with seafoam, white and black and I said that this week we would be taking some of the same colors from the seafoam, white and black color palette and making into a whole different look. Well here it is! Black is substituted for light brown. I love how you can take the same colors, and even some of the same pictures and make a color palette with a completely different feel. The other color palette was very formal, while this one has a casual feeling. The bridesmaid's dress and bouquet are the same in both palettes, yet they could be used in either setting.

Just another reminder to check back in tomorrow for an extra special post! I'm so excited about this, you definitely won't want to miss it!

Picture Credits:
top row: Ann Taylor, Oh How Charming, Beth Helmstetter
middle row: Elizabeth Messina, I Dream of Cake,
bottom row: Midori, Oh How Charming, The Knot


Creative Montage said...

Wow this is stunning! I'm so over blue/brown but the light brown and the blue is a really pretty combination! Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

absolutely! you've been added. :)


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