Saturday, May 3, 2008

White Chocolate Label by Scott Corridan

I am so excited to announce the brand new bridal gown line, White Chocolate Label, by the amazing Scott Corridan! Scott, of event design firm Corridan and Co., has partnered with Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan to bring about these insanely beautiful wedding gowns. Each gown was inspired by a bride that Scott has worked with in the past and are ecologically and socially supportive couture. This collection (Fall/Winter 2008) was just unveiled in New York City on April 24th! White Chocolate Label will be offering two collections yearly. Make sure you keep your eyes open for the next unveiling! For now, lets take a look at these works of art! Be sure to visit the website for more pictures of these gorgeous gowns.


HappyAmy said...

Beautiful! Love #3 with the pleats, so unique yet timeless. They are all amazing!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous gowns!!!!


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