Monday, May 12, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Katie of Tiffany Weddings

I am so excited to be featuring my friend and fellow wedding professional, Katie Tiffany of Tiffany Weddings. Tiffany Weddings is an elite event design firm located in Los Angeles, California. Planning events large and small, they specialize in allowing brides the enjoyment of planning their wedding and foremost to enjoy their Perfect Wedding Day. Tiffany Weddings clientele includes Roberto Orci, writer for Transformers and Mission Impossible III, Brett Brewer co-founder of, and Brandon Routh actor from Superman Returns.
Below, Katie will share some of her budget saving tips with us as well as trends she is noticing in the wedding industry. Enjoy!

Zenadia Design: Tell us a little bit about how you got started in event planning and design.
Katie: Just after graduating college, I planned a surprise party for my parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. I was working in the entertainment industry at the time and I loved updating my co-workers on the planning developments. Shortly after pulling off this successful surprise party, my superior at work got engaged and came to me for help! I clearly remember her saying she didn’t have time to plan her wedding (common reason to hire me today!) and she saw that I knew what I was doing. Well, that first wedding on Catalina Island in 2002 sparked my interest in this field and slowly paved the way to many more successful events!

Z:Where do you find your inspiration?
K: My inspiration primarily comes from the Brides themselves! Your wedding should reflect you and your fiancé, not me or the latest fashions and trends. Once I get to know my couples, their style and their interests, I can grab ideas almost anywhere...a bridal magazine, a pottery barn catalogue or even a classic movie!

Z: Are you seeing any trends in weddings right now as far as decor, themes, etc?
K: I think a vintage theme has been on the horizon for the last few years but now it’s turned even more glamorous and “Old-Hollywood.” For example, large ostrich feathers are becoming common in centerpieces and floral arrangements. Along the same lines, the birdcage veil has become a HOT item!

Z: What cost saving tips would you give to brides on a budget who still want to include beautiful elements into their wedding?
K: The first thing you can do is consider hiring a wedding planner...they can actually help you SAVE money by preparing a realistic budget, offering many savings tips, and referring you to trustworthy vendors in your price range.
-Location: those who appreciate outdoor locations may have more luck in this area, but I suggest finding a spot that offers natural beauty (trees, flowers, views, etc.) which means you don’t need to add much to it!
-Lighting: I think lighting is key in creating a beautiful wedding. It creates an atmosphere unlike any amount of flowers or type of music can. But it can be expensive too. To save in this area, utilize candles to the max! Of course, you’ll need to check the rules and regulations for open flames at your location.

Z: When not planning events and working with brides, what might we find you doing?
K: I enjoy being with my friends and family more than anything. Traveling is a passion of mine so I fit that in where I can, along with going to the beach. And I am very committed to my church and serving those both in the community and nationwide (Ex: My recent mission trip to Vietnam!).

Thank you so much, Katie! You budget saving tips were so wonderful and its always fun to see what trends wedding planners are noticing in the industry. Katie also has a blog of her own with wonderful wedding tips. Be sure to check it out!
Now lets take a look at some pictures of Katie's work! Be sure to check out Tiffany Weddings website for more awesome pictures and inspiration.

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