Monday, May 19, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Scott of Corridan and Co.

I am excited beyond words to be featuring the extremely talented, Scott Corridan, of Corridan and Co. Scott is an amazing person whose celebrations have been published in countless magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings and Inside Weddings Magazine. His work has also appeared on numerous television programs such as ABC's Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition and Access Hollywood. He also just launched a line of couture wedding gowns called White Chocolate Label by Scott Corridan, which we featured here. (Also see a couple pictures of the gowns below.) Besides all this, Scott also writes a column called Scott's Garden for Inside Weddings and Phoenix Bride & Groom.
All of Scott's events are so exquisite and inspiring, and no detail is forgotten. His events are planned through "your story", which makes each event truly unique and a perfect reflection of the couple.
Scott has been kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to share with us a little more about himself and his business, tips for budget friendly weddings and some information about his new couture wedding gown line, White Chocolate by Scott Corridan. Be sure to check out his website for some amazing pictures of his events and pure inspiration!

Zenadia: Your events are truly unique right down to the smallest details. Where do you find inspiration?
Scott: I'm so inspired by what my clients share with me - their loves, their passions, their romantic stories... seeing life in all its majestry through another person's eyes with their unique perspective is what really excites me... it encourages me to see the world through a different perspective and its that different perspective that always results in inspiration!

Z: What advice/suggestions can you give to couples who are on a budget?
S: Just tell the truth. No one gains by pushing outside their financial comfort zone - credit card debt and arguments around money are no way to begin a marriage. The most incredible family style barbeques can be as profound and moving as the most over the top million dollar celebrity budgeted events... the bottom line is you're there to celebrate your love for one another and the union you're creating as witnessed and supported by your family, friends, and your God... that's the most important point. And whether you've got $ 5 or $ 5million bucks, if you tell the truth about your financial comfort zone, this will always remain your focus and you can't go wrong.

Z: What has been your most memorable moment in your career to date?
S: There isn't one... truly. And there's no one favorite client or event either. I'm blessed and so lucky over the past 15 years now to have really had so many memorable, favorite, unbelievable, mind altering, life affirming... moments. I've had the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible people and through each of them, truly, had the opportunity to see life and love and celebration in so many incredible ways.

Z: You just launched a couture line of wedding gowns called White Chocolate Label; tell us a little about that.
S: Through a lot of hard work and a lot of great luck and support by friends all over the country, my name, my image and now my brand have reached an ever growing audience in our country and even internationally for that matter [I get emails from places as far away as South Africa, Belize, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Switzerland... from people who have seen our work], and so it was in 2007 with this evergrowing awareness of what I do that a group of us got together and made the affirmative plans to take my work and my vision to the next level. And we decided to start by creating truly one of a kind, couture wedding gowns. Since December when White Chocolate label by Scott Corridan, Inc. became official, we have literally launched a million dollar company in five months with a first collection for Fall / Winter 08 / 09 and our next collection for Spring / Summer 09 coming out shortly. This is my way, in my world where the clientele I've been working with at Corridan & Company has become more and more exclusive and small in number, to reach back out to brides and grooms and their families and loved ones all over the country who are the truest inspiration for everything I do and provide an opportunity for us to work together... at least on a wedding dress, through our Salon Partners on our ever growing list all around the country. Its an exciting time!!

Z: What took you from the field of architecture to the field of event design?
S: Mistakes... : } I was practicing architectural and interior design in 1994 when I was contracted by two guys to create a floral resale business for them from the ground up including all their furniture and their logos and everything. I so fell in love with what I helped them create that I bought into their partnership and started doing centerpieces and bouquets and boutonnierres... and now 15 years later the rest is history. I guess there are no mistakes in life, just a winding path that only makes sense when you can look back.

Thank you so much, Scott! We truly appreciate your advice and your time and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and Corridan and Co.!


Anonymous said...

What an incredible interview! Not only is Scott over the top innovative, he passes on some fantastic tips for making the absolute most of all situations, even capitalizing on "mistakes". Thanks for such a great feature. I love your blog, and missed it greatly when my schedule prevented me from reading last week.

Anonymous said...

I just looked back through last week's posts on your blog. Loved them....especially Prague, and Katy Tiffany. She's can save money if you hire a wedding planner.


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