Friday, August 15, 2008

Married in Space?

Beginning in the year 2011, you could have the option to be married in Outer space! That's right. Japanese company First Advantage, has teamed with American aerospace firm Rocketplane to offer you the opportunity to tie the knot 100 kilometers (62 miles) above earth!
For a cool $2 million, the lucky couple can invite two more guests and a priest to Oklahoma, from where the space ship will take off. The price also includes a custom wedding dress that will withstand the zero gravity in outer space, a party (to take place on earth), accommodation and travel expenses, and live broadcasts from outer space.
Worried about the binding laws of outer space? Have no fear. All licences and certificates are issued in Oklahoma, as this is the state the rocket/plane takes off from.
Anyone want to give it a try? =)
Picture via Rocketplane.


*Michelle said...

Most astronauts who have gone through LOTS of rigorous training, get sick on their first flight. ummm - I can just see the bride turning a terrible shade of green and trying to find the airsick back in the middle of the vows... and it be broadcast to the world below.... hmmm... I think this may be one of those things thats a really fun IDEA.

ZenadiaDesign said...

haha yeah, probably. I never thought about the getting sick part!


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