Monday, August 18, 2008

Vendor Spotlight:

Jen and Jamie, two amazingly talented stylists from Los Angeles, have recently launched their brand new accessories line, If you are an avid wedding blog reader, you are probably already aware of this amazing duo. If not, get ready to see some amazing works of art. Each is completely handmade using "totally awesome" material. They remind me of the 1920's era, and are so unique and stylish.
In an effort to get to know Jen and Jamie a little bit better, I asked them a few questions about their new business and what inspires them.

Zenadia Design: What inspired you to start your own business making these beautiful accessories?
Jen and Jamie: Well, that's a great question. I think we both really love fashion and we both really love attention. Creating these headbands was a way to encompass both. The funny thing is that we both made ourselves headbands without ever mentioning it to the other. Once we realized that, we knew we had to jump on the idea asap. And so it began.

Z: Your ban.dos are so unique and have such vintage appeal. Tell us a little bit about where you find inspiration for each piece.
J&J: Those ban.dos have been floating around in our collective consciousness for a while now. Mainly because our jobs expose us to fashion (both new and vintage), color, fabrics, etc. Rather than being inspired separately for each piece, I think we are inspired for the collection. We are both always on the look out for beautiful ribbon and tulle, vintage brooches, amazing silk flowers, feathers, and when we find something we like, we grab it. Then we get together with all of our yummy goodness and create. It is very free and open. We just see where the materials take us. And we should add, that we usually drink champagne while doing so. Maybe the champagne should be on the inspiration list.

Z: Besides being perfect for weddings, where do you envision these works of art being worn?
J&J: Certainly a lot of the pieces are not for the faint of heart. They are for girls who want a fashion adventure. We think they are perfect for birthdays, parties, gallery openings, or even just for going to the supermarket. Although we may be the only two people who would actually embrace the supermarket part.

Thanks so much, Jen and Jamie! You work is truly amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, fun, what beautiful headpieces!!


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