Monday, October 6, 2008

Holly Stalder Clothing

Holly Stalder, a clothing designer in Portland, Oregon, has an amazing talent for creating vintage materials into new and beautiful works of art. Blending antique fabrics and vintage trims into new pieces, each article of clothing she designs is truly distinctive and classic in its own right. She will even custom design a wedding gown, which I would LOVE to see. Lets take a look at some of Holly's amazing creations. Holly also has an etsy shop, so be sure and stop by for a peak at her beautiful line.

What a perfect accent this capelet would be to a wedding gown.

How about this Vintage Lace Wedding Shrug, custom made to order to compliment your wedding dress! Oh how I would have simply loved one of these for my wedding day.

I love this pale gold tunic. Perfect for a party or a night on the town.

Such a cute top. Modern with a hint of vintage charm.

The perfect little black dress. Rehearsal dinner anyone?

All images via Holly Stalder's etsy shop.

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east side bride said...

I love Holly Stadler :)


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