Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Studio Stems

Studio Stems, a floral design studio based in Utah, is all about innovative and fresh ideas. Their floral designs are the definition of chic, and all have a modern yet classic vibe about them. Audrey, owner and designer of Studio Stems, was more than happy to accommodate us with more information about Studio Stems and some beautiful images of her amazing work. So without further ado, lets get to know Audrey a little bit better!

Zenadia: How did you get started in the floral design industry?
Audrey: i have an entrepreneur spirit, at the tender age of 19 i decided to venture out and create some sort of design business because that's what i was good at. i think with the creative area of my brain for the most part. a local wholesale flower warehouse was hiring for seasonal help at the time and it pointed me in the right direction as well as provided me a good education on flowers and their care. i started studio stems shortly thereafter and its been almost 10 years now.

Z:Your designs are so fresh and unique. Tell us a little bit about where you find your inspiration.
A: inspiration comes from so many different places, i would say first and for most it just flows from my brain as i try to create the mood my client wants at their wedding while i design for them, music plays a big role in this for me. i usually set out my books with simple pictures of every flower possible in front of me and i just start sketching away. the internet essentially puts the world at my fingertips, that's helpful! but i also get inspiration in other artists work.

Z: What are some of your favorite flowers and colors to work with?
A: i have always said if i was to get married again myself i would be in a world of hurt because i know i couldn't decide! so that being said i would say that mostly my fav color & color to work with is black. as for flowers, i always enjoy working with something i never have before, this is becoming hard to do these days though. i love calla's in all their simplicity and i love using monochromatic designs.

Z: How are you able to work with brides on a budget who still want something unique and beautiful?
A: that's the key - as long as the bride wants something unique and beautiful its absolutely doable, if the client is just a penny pincher and they don't appreciate art then those are the budget clients i cant work with. its easy to create powerful yet unique designs with profound flowers and colors. a client on a budget needs to be willing to let me be creative and open to design options.

Z: When not creating beautiful floral designs, what might we find you doing?
A: well that's easy in the winter no doubt you will find me snowboarding on a daily basis at least for a few hours! but family comes first actually and more than likely i am hanging with my 3 kiddos and hubby. i really look forward to enjoying my friends as well.

Thanks so much, Audrey! Now lets take a look at some of Studio Stems amazing work! Be sure to check out their website as well.

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