Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Real Wedding: Erin and Andrew, part I

This absolutely stunning wedding is that of Erin Gates, the incredibly talented interior designer and writer of one of my absolute favorite blogs, Elements of Style. Besides being an interior designer, Erin is also an Event Stylist. I would LOVE to have her do an event for me, as you will see, her work and ideas are amazing.
Her wedding took place at Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticut. All photos were taken by the amazing M. Benedicte Verley.
Be sure and stay tuned for part II, the reception! You won't want to miss it.


Elements of Style said...

Thank you, thank you! I always love seeing the pictures again! Was such a FUN day!!!

Elements of Style said...

Oh, and can you believe I did not save a single envelope from my invites that were chocolate brown with the most gorgeous white calligraphy you've ever seen? ARGH.


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