Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cake Stands & Toppers

As we discussed before, you can have virtually any type of cake for your wedding whether it be cup cakes, pies, or even brownie cakes anything goes in this day and age. That also goes for what your cake sits on, as well as what tops it all off.

Does the cake need to sit on a silver platter?

Maybe it could be sitting on a bed of flowers.

Perhaps a traditional cake stand fits the bill.

What about the cake topper? Do you want a traditional bride and groom, or a pair of birds, or perhaps flowers are a perfect fit. Maybe the cake itself is the center of the show and doesn't need a topper.

When picking out the type of stand or topper, just remember to keep within the style and feel of your event, and also make sure it goes with the design of your cake. Whatever you pick I'm sure will look lovely!

Picture Credits:
Silver Platter cake via Sugar Cakes
Flower Cake
via Martha Stewart
Cake Stands Board:
top row: Potluck Studio, Etsy, Etsy
bottom row: Clara French, Etsy

Cake Topper Board:
top row: The Bride's Cafe, The Bride's Cafe
Snowmen from Style Me Pretty
bottom row: Santa Barbara Wedding Guide, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty

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