Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Types of Wedding Cakes

These days there are so many different options when it comes to picking your wedding cake. While most brides still opt for the 3+ tiered wedding cake with added pizazz, some brides are taking their cakes to new levels, or not having cakes at all. How about fresh baked pies or individual angel food cakes? There are so many possibilities. Here are some options when it comes to picking your cake.

1. Cupcake cakes. These have become quite popular in recent years and are a very fun take on the traditional wedding cake. The plus? No more cutting 100+ slices for your guests to enjoy.

2. Cakes with a different shape. Wedding cakes these days can be any and every shape you can think of. Take for example the amazing bridal bust done by I Dream of Cake. Doesn't it look like a stone sculpture? How about shoes? I love this shoe cake done by, again I Dream of Cake.

3. Traditional wedding cakes with unusual flair. By this I mean, cakes that take on the same tall shape of a wedding cake, but look entirely different than what we've come to expect. See examples below.

4. Individual cakes. Why not have individual cakes for each table or guest? More work, maybe, but how fun would it be to have your own cake?

5. No cake at all. Instead of a cake, how about opting for fresh baked pies or perhaps individual sorbet "cakes" or angel food cakes? While I like cake just as much as the next person, I wouldn't complain about a hot fresh cherry pie!

Whatever dessert you decide to have at your wedding will be delicious! After all, it is dessert so how could you go wrong?

Picture Credits:
1. left to right Rebecca Thuss, Style Me Pretty
2. All cakes from I Dream of Cake
3. All via Martha Stewart in Unique Cakes
4. All via Martha Stewart in Unique Cakes
5. Clockwise from top left: Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart


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elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i love weddings without cakes - there so many amazing desserts in the world, why restrict yourself to just cake?!


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