Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cake Table Decoration

Displaying your cake is almost as important as the cake itself. Sometimes we tend to forget about displaying our cake properly. I know I did. All that was on my table was the cake....sounds alright, but it was a fairly large table with space for maybe some candles or rose petals. Luckily, a creative family friend put some of the cones with flowers that hung down our aisle on the cake table to jazz it up a bit. Not that the cake wasn't jazzy on its own. Sometimes cakes need to have a table all their own, especially if they are already busy with patterns and colors. Here are some tips to remember when thinking about displaying your cake.

1. If you location is outside, and the cake will be as well, make sure its in a shaded location, even if that means making a cute canopy, such as the yellow one below.

2. Base the decoration of the table off your cake. Having a beach theme wedding? Accent your cake table with shells of varying sizes. Sometimes if the cake is busy with pattern and color decoration is best kept to a minimum, or not at all. A coordinating table cloth can help give the cake that pop it needs.

3. Think of creative new ways to display your cake. For example, on its own pedestal, such as the one below, or in the nook of a wall, also shown below.

4. Having a dessert bar? Maybe your cake will fit right in with the dessert bar.

All in all, just remember that your cake needs a special spot in the celebration too, but don't make it's decor so flashy as to detract from you and your groom! Below are a few more fun ways to display your cake.

Here is the cake that Michelle was talking about where the bride used her veil around the cake. Great idea, and thanks again for sharing this with us Michelle!

Picture via Rae Leytham Photography
Picture Credits:
Canopy via Rebecca Thuss
Board left to right: Brides.com, Santa Barbara Magazine, Style Me Pretty
Board left to right: Rebecca Thuss, BHG
Board: Both Rebecca Thuss
Tower cake via BHG
Chocolate cake via Rebecca Thuss
Feather cake via Style Me Pretty


Michelle said...

For anyone who has a long veil that they won't wear for the reception... here's an idea for you. Use your veil as a canopy for the cake.
Scroll abour 1/2 way down the page to see what she did with hers. I think its beautiful, practical, and further displays your veil instead of having to buy/make something new just for the cake.

Michelle said...

hmm link didnt exactly work...

(copy and past both lines)

ZenadiaDesign said...

What a wonderful idea, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing. =)

Anonymous said...

A canopy with your veil is a clever, practical idea. Thanks for the feature/ideas as we often forget about everything but the cake especially if the cake is a showstopper on its own.

Zinke Design said...

I think your blog is so beautiful. Your cake display posting is so stylish and charming. Thanks for the inspirations!


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